New details on 2022 Royal Rumble

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New details on 2022 Royal Rumble

The McMahon-owned company shocked the wrestling world when in the latest episode of SmackDown they announced several names for the women's Royal Rumble and one of them was that of Mickie James. Obviously this is quite shocking because James is currently the IMPACT Knockouts Champion and this announcement is very historic and could open the WWE to do several collaborations with other companies, which never happened.

Even though Mickie James wanted to write this: "All of you talking about doors as if you were doing great things ... I raised my STAR and smashed the ceiling !!!! Because that's what legends do”, one can safely talk about the Forbidden Door among the companies.

Latest update on Royal Rumble

The WrestleMania season is almost here as WWE Royal Rumble 2022 will kick things off for The Show of Shows in grand style. Royal Rumble is set to take place on January 29, 2022, at The Dome at America's Center in St.

Louis, Missouri. The well-known wrestling news profile on Twitter, Wrestlevotes, wanted to provide some more information on this situation of collaborations between the companies, stating that perhaps something is also cooking for men.

“More than one source this weekend, without my asking directly, said they believe WWE will experience an "unexpected" forbidden door entry for the men's Royal Rumble. Personally I'm skeptical of that happening, but I can confirm that WWE is at least open to the idea.

Which is quite exciting." Obviously, under the tweet a lot of fans immediately launched themselves to try to guess a possible name or express an opinion about it, perhaps naming an athlete they like from other companies.

For now we don't know if there are actually other deals, but about Mickie James, Scott D'Amore, IMPACT Executive Vice-President, said: "WWE wanted it, Mickie wanted it and the IMPACT Wrestling philosophy is always to work.

with other major promotions to create excitement for fans. Everything is signed and agreed with WWE and IMPACT Wrestling." We just have to wait and maybe hope it is a surprise, rather than an early announcement, so now the WWE hype has managed to create it already with Mickie James.

This past week on Friday Night SmackDown, Universal Champion Roman Reigns got a massive surprise. Adam Pearce got the task to decide Reigns' next opponent and the show ended with RAW superstar Seth Rollins confronting The Tribal Chief.

WWE on FOX's Twitter account jumped the gun and confirmed the match, only to take down their tweet. However, it's clear that we are headed towards a title clash at Royal Rumble 2022 between these two former Shield brothers.