Jeff Hardy wanted to quit wrestling many years ago

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Jeff Hardy wanted to quit wrestling many years ago

In the first episode of his new podcast The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the current superstar of All Elite Wrestling wanted to talk about an event that involved his brother Jeff Hardy. Specifically, Matt talked about a May 1994 event when he and Jeff Hardy made their WWE debut.

The match was born from the fact that Scott Hall's opponent had withdrawn from the evening. Hardy made it known that Scott Hall was angry and frustrated before the match which led to a stiff fight against poor Jeff Hardy who didn't take it well.

What's next for Jeff Hardy?

During the show, Matt also mentioned that the Kliq took a liking to him and Jeff Hardy. "They put this match together in 5 or 10 minutes and Scott Hall was frustrated that this guy had pulled out of the match.

He was exasperated and looked like he was sick in general," said Matt. “He went out and fought with my brother. Seeing my brother who was 16, he had to lie about him being his age. He had to move his birthday back about two years.

He had to lie about his age to go out there and wrestle with Scott Hall who was already exasperated and frustrated and literally Scott Hall screwed him for the duration of the match." Matt also said that Jeff was so upset by the match that he already wanted to quit wrestling: "I'll never forget, the next day Jeff was like, 'I want to stop fighting.

I never want to come back. I've had enough of this.' Then he fought with 123 Kid, had a great match and found his love and passion again." During the show, Matt also said that Kliq took a liking to the brothers and that Scott Hall apologized to Jeff Hardy after the match and wished him the best.

Luckily Jeff Hardy didn't stop fighting, becoming a legend of the ring. Last week on Friday Night SmackDown, Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy were guests on King Corbin and Madcap Moss' Happy Talk talk show. A brawl broke out between the two parties, setting a match for this week's episode of the blue brand.

Former King of the Ring winner Happy Corbin will collide with former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy. “I did speak to Jeff a little bit today, and he’s okay, he’s good," said Matt. "And I think he’ll be fine, but once again, this isn’t my business, and if he wants to go into it in more detail, then he’ll do it himself.

But Jeff is okay. He is at home and he’s okay. It’s not my business, it’s not my story to tell or explain, and besides that, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice anyway because it’s not from my perspective, so, I love my brother and I just want my brother to be okay and healthy. That’s pretty much it”.