Wrestling veteran opens up on Samoa Joe

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Wrestling veteran opens up on Samoa Joe

In recent months, WWE has tightened even more the number of releases carried out almost monthly, with numerous athletes but also professionals who have been sent away, with their contract eliminated by the federation, from one day to the next, with the usual pink letter delivered to them.

The latest very tough wave that saw numerous WWE prominent personalities leave, hit NXT, with William Regal, Samoa Joe, Road Dogg and numerous other WWE third roster road agents and backstage executives being fired, including some wrestlers.

Everything seems to have been finalized by the WWE to make scorched earth around Triple H and all his work done so far, with the COO who, on his return, (if he decides to return after heart problems), will find himself without right arms, nor all of his important aides.

Jim Cornette on Samoa Joe

There is little information known at the moment beyond the fact that Samoa Joe is once again no longer with WWE. In his last speech to the microphones of his Jim Cornette Experience, the former manager and road agent of the Stamford company wanted to launch a very solid dig at WWE, guilty of having missed a crystalline talent like that of Samoa Joe, with the former WWE on-screen manager who said: "He still fought very well, but he never fought Karrion Kross again for the NXT title.

And now they're firing him again. Couldn't Joe have been a coach? Couldn't this guy be a coach? He has been the commentator, he can speak very well, plus he could still go to the ring because he still had a match with Karrion Kross pending, what, six months ago.

He knows how to work with younger talent and is flawless with the gimmick of him inside the ring. But somehow, the company found nothing for him, in all of WWE, to use Samoa Joe. Meanwhile, Mandy Rose has a helicopter and Joe Gacy has a minion."

Samoa Joe was one of the biggest names that fans thought would be heading to AEW following his first release from WWE. However, he was brought back to the company by Triple H before his 90-day non-compete expired. With Joe released for a second time, Tony Khan will surely be interested in speaking to Samoa Joe once he's cleared to do so.

While the company is currently stacked with talent, you can always make room for someone like The Samoan Submission Machine.