Jimmy Korderas speaks about Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan has a pretty robust fanbase on social media

by Simone Brugnoli
Jimmy Korderas speaks about Liv Morgan

In a recent chat at The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former referee Jimmy Korderas talked about WWE’s latest pay-per-view Day 1, which kicked off the new year with highs and lows. In particular, he also focused on the match for the Raw Women’s Championship, currently held by Becky Lynch who had exchanged her belt with Charlotte Flair after the October 2021 draft, between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan.

"I thought she did well against Becky, the match was good. I just think Liv Morgan, in my opinion, is not ready for that seat yet," Jimmy Korderas said.

Jimmy Korderas talks about Liv Morgan

"Not from the point of view of the ring.

It's more from the point of view of the character, working on her character and working on her ability on the microphone, I don't think she's quite there yet. that level, to drag the female division not yet." Despite his criticism, however, he was pleased with the public who finally let themselves go to this new Becky character by whistling her during the match, but unfortunately, he did not feel the warmth and support he hoped for Liv Morgan, which he instead wants to hear.

"At least from what I was hearing on my television, there were some boos for Becky finally, which is the desired reaction from the company, but at the same time Liv wasn't getting that babyface pop they wanted her to get.

'silent for her, which is not the reaction you want." In November, after the Survivor Series match, Korderas also said: “This is WWE saying, 'listen, the fans won't accept Becky heel, no matter what she does, will they cheer her on?' So let her go back to being the superstar.

beloved who was before. So maybe this is bringing her back to the role of a babyface. Fans, let's face it, want a babyface, Becky. This is the feeling I got from her because I felt sorry for her. I listened to her as she talked about Charlotte, her betrayal, the backstabbing and what happened.

The babyfaces are the ones who earn compassion, not the heels." Liv Morgan has never won a championship in WWE and has only recently been able to wrestle her first singles match on pay-per-view. She has spent most of her career watching Becky Lynch become the most popular female superstar in the world.

Lynch returned to WWE as a heel and even attempted to injure Morgan ahead of their rematch. This is the perfect example to show how much of a threat Becky truly sees Morgan as.

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