Big E addresses the issue of discrimination

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Big E addresses the issue of discrimination

Speaking on The PWI Podcast, former WWE champion Big E wanted to tackle a very sensitive topic, which is still discussed today, that of black wrestlers making their way into the professional wrestling business. "Honestly, I really enjoy getting to this moment where we are in WWE, and I only think about wrestling in general.

When you look around and there are so many great black performers and what I love is that a lot of us are unique and authentic. and we feel ourselves. I love that we're getting to this point where we're not all forced into a certain box or certain stereotype.

So yeah, more than anything else I'm really proud of the state of black wrestling."

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Then he also added: “I have a feeling we have a lot of fans, a lot of black fans, especially who love wrestling and have been doing it for a long time.

But they don't necessarily see themselves or their culture reflected on wrestling on TV. I like that we're getting to that point." These words of Big E are also very important in support of the considerations made by Big Swole, who raised a fuss talking about diversity in general, but specifically in AEW, with Tony Khan who answered her and she who had to reply to her time explaining the meaning of the words spoken in his podcast.

Big E began his WWE career in 2009, first as part of development territory and then as part of NXT. During his time with the Black and Gold brand, Big E Langston became the second NXT Champion after defeating Seth Rollins for the title.

In the main roster he was then placed next to Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, before joining, in 2014, one of the most popular stable of the WWE Universe, the New Day, formed by two other black athletes, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods , before being separated from the draft in 2020.

In 2021 Big E was awarded the Money in The Bank briefcase which led him to win the belt against Bobby Lashley after his collection, the first time that an African American challenger has won the title from another African American.

He stated during the same interview that winning the 30-man match would be incredible. “Winning the Rumble would be incredible. That’s in St. Louis at a great venue in The Dome, and it would be a real moment. This is my chance to show another side of me.

It’s time to turn up the intensity. My role with The New Day is so often comedic relief, but I don’t want to be one-dimensional. I want to be as well-rounded and as whole a performer as possible,” said Big E.