Brock Lesnar reaches huge milestone

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Brock Lesnar reaches huge milestone

One of the most prominent Superstars of the entire McMahon-owned company, WWE, is undoubtedly its WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. After more than a year of absence, with The Beast Incarnate having lost its tracks, after Wrestlemania 36, ​​from which he had come out defeated against Drew McIntyre, at the time become the new WWE Champion, Lesnar preferred not to renew the his contract with the McMahons, leaving the company in the midst of the global covid-19 pandemic.

All this then ended with Lesnar's return to Summerslam, with the Beast of the federation going immediately to challenge the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns, after the latter's victory against John Cena, in a match valid for the Universal Championship.

After several face-to-face and a match at Crown Jewel, there should have been another title match for the Universal Championship on Day One, but due to the inability of Reigns to show up, due to positivity to the covid, WWE thought well.

to get Lesnar to win the Raw world title.

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In the last few days we had already reported how Brock Lesnar had broken a record that had been going on for 20 years, with Hulk Hogan who was the holder of this record in the entire history of the WWE.

After 20 years, in fact, Lesnar has managed to win the WWE world title once again, with this frame between the first and the last victory that is thus separated by exactly 20 years. Hogan had instead stopped at the age of 18, with Lesnar not happy with having beaten the Immortal in one of his many firsts, he also wanted to complement the personal best of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as well as Immortal himself, arriving at share 6 kingdoms titled with the WWE Championship.

As reported in the WWE ranking, in fact, Brock Lesnar with 6 kingdoms came in fifth place in the ranking of multiple kingdoms for a Superstar, aligning with the share of Austin and Hogan. The 8 realms of The Rock are now in focus.

Lashley claimed that Lesnar had been ducking him for 20 years, to which the WWE Champion responded by saying he did not know who he was before Day 1. The Beast Incarnate then joked about Lashley and MVP's dressing sense, after which The All Mighty claimed he should start doing stand-up comedy.

Lesnar then cracked a knock-knock joke that ended with "Bobby who," embarrassing the former Champion in the process. He proceeded to call Lashley a "Brock Lesnar wannabe" and stated it was impossible for him to win at Royal Rumble before a mic-drop to end the segment.