Raw: New Champions crowned on Raw

Raw has now become the most criticized WWE show

by Simone Brugnoli
Raw: New Champions crowned on Raw

It had been in the air for a few weeks now and in the end, the title change arrived, with the RK-Bro having to give up their belts under the attacks of the Alpha Academy of Otis and Chad Gable, who had shown several times that they were capable.

to beat the now ex multi-laugh pair champions, both in single and in pairs. This Monday, Monday Night Raw finally aired the defeat of the couple champions, with the WWE preferring to give the first really important chance to the two former NXTs, making them win their first couple title together, although for Gable not is the only time with the title of a couple on his sides, but for Otis yes.

After weeks of feuding, Randy Orton and Matt Riddle have had to give in to the relentless blows of Otis and the perfectionist Gable, with RK-Bro starting to creak even on Raw's TV screens, with the company that could soon lead them to the split, as several details have already suggested in recent weeks.

Shocking surprise on Raw

A few weeks after the Royal Rumble, WWE has decided to broadcast on Monday Night Raw a match valid for the couple titles of the company's Monday night flag show, with the Alpha Academy having managed to beat the now legendary Randy Orton and his teammate, Matt Riddle.

After staging a segment shortly before the match, in which Orton was trying to stipulate a strategy for the contest, in the end nothing worked in the match, with the Alpha Academy winning, beating the reigning champions and graduating.

so for the first time together, new tag team champions of the red roster. At the moment it is not known what the Stamford-based company will have in store for RK-Bro, but it is very likely that Randy Orton will go to make his expected turn heel on Riddle, starting a feud with the former member of the NXT roster, returned to the color brand just a few days ago to stage a match with MSK.

Riddle and Gable kicked off the match and Chad grounded The Original Bro early on before taking some big kicks and a dive to the outside. After a break on Raw, Riddle made the tag to Randy who came in and tried to hit the double draping DDT on the Academy.

Gable and Otis blocked the move before Chad was dropped from the top rope with a huge superplex. Randy tried for the RKO on Gable but he blocked it, pushing Orton into Otis who hit the powerslam for the sudden pin!