What are WWE's plans for the Royal Rumble?

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What are WWE's plans for the Royal Rumble?

In the last few hours, the announcement made on WWE's Friday Night Smackdown regarding the women's Royal Rumble, with numerous former Superstars from the history of the federation taking part in the event, with the management who did not want to keep secret names, including that of current IMPACT Wrestling champion: Mickie James.

Immediately after this surprising announcement as never before seen in WWE history, numerous names of former athletes of the McMahon-owned company circulated online who could take part in the event at the end of January, on the 29th to be precise, with numerous former athletes.

injury, which could therefore occur unexpectedly during the real fight to 30 women, including for example that of Paige.

New details on Royal Rumble

WWE is reportedly planning a major surprise entrant for the Men's Royal Rumble match at the eponymous event.

According to what was revealed in the last few hours by the well-known Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, colleague of the even more famous Dave Meltzer, it would seem that the WWE management wants to involve NXT as little as possible in this year's Royal Rumble for women, leaving as little space as possible in the entrances.

to the match. In his latest newsletter, Alvarez indeed stated: "I was told, and when I tell you that some sources in WWE have told me directly I can safely report it to you, but I was told yesterday and so it could always change overtime at times.

But WWE appears to have no plans to use that many NXT athletes. But this could undergo some variations, since there are still 11 names to be announced for the match." During this night on Raw, there were some matches and segments that could have led to the inclusion of at least two other athletes in the match, such as for example, the triple threat valid for the n°1 contender for the title of Becky Lynch, with the two defeated athletes who will almost certainly now enter by right in the real brawl between 30 women.

On the last week's episode of SmackDown, the entire wrestling community was taken by storm when it was announced that Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James will be entering the women's Royal Rumble match. There's a chance that James could show up at the event with the title, which would be really cool to see.

The average WWE fan might not be familiar with them, so they might not get a big pop when the clock strikes zero. However, there's a chance that another IMPACT Wrestling star could be the forbidden door entrant.