Matilda The Hun has passed away

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Matilda The Hun has passed away

Unfortunately Matilda The Hun passed away at the age of 73. This was communicated by Bill Apter, who received a call on January 8, 2022, from Roxy Astor, informing him that Matilda The Hun (real name Deanna Booher) was dead.

While no details about the woman's disappearance have been revealed, she apparently had been ill for a long time already. Booher entered the wrestling scene by battling men and women in the mud. She then went down in history for having responded to an announcement that she led her to work at GLOW, for four years.

Outside the ring, she has lived a fascinating life, working as a photojournalist, writing music for films, appearing in films such as Spaceballs, and making a cameo in an Aerosmith music video "Love in an Elevator."

Matilda The Hun has passed away

Deanna Booher, who wrestled under the ring name "Matilda The Hun" has passed away. The WWE thus wanted to remember the woman: “It saddens us to know that Deanna Booher, better known as" Matilda The Hun "and loved by fans all over the world, died at the age of 73.

Our most sincere thoughts are with her family, friends and those affected by her disappearance. Born in Southern California, Booher spent much of her life in her spotlight as a pioneer in sports entertainment. After helping the wrestling team at El Camino Junior College win a state title, Booher made her professional debut as the masquerade "Queen Kong."

Booher entered the competition as the dreaded Matilda The Hun in the groundbreaking promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). Outside the ring, Booher appeared in films such as "Spaceballs" and "Brainsmasher ...

A Love Story", in the television shows "Married ... with Children" and "Night Court", and also in the Aerosmith music video for "Love in an Elevator." We at World Wrestling too join WWE and the rest of the wrestling world for a final farewell to Deanna Booher and offer our condolences to those close to her.

The GLOW wrestler's life outside the ring was quite a fascinating one. She was well-known for her photojournalism skills. After parting ways with GLOW, the wrestler went on to try herself in the acting world and did quite well in movies like Spaceballs, Brainsmasher...

A Love Story and Theodore Rex. Her cameo in an Aerosmith music video is also well-known to the fans. WWE released a statement regarding the passing away of Matilda The Hun following Bill Apter's report.