William Regal thanks fans after his WWE release

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William Regal thanks fans after his WWE release

One of the most painful farewells of these months for those who love WWE (and especially for those who work there) is one of the most recent. In the wave of layoffs that has swept NXT in the last few hours, William Regal stands out, together with Road Dogg one of the beacons that have allowed young athletes to learn the discipline or to adapt their style to that desired by WWE.

And also for this reason there have been many tributes to the beloved British athlete and coach that followed after his departure from the company. William Regal was not only one of the most frequent faces of the NXT television product before its evolution into version 2.0, but a sure and authoritative guide for generations of wrestlers, several of which have in turn become mainstays of world wrestling.

And precisely for this reason it is not surprising the wave of affection that overwhelmed Regal himself in these very difficult hours, with so many touching messages full of infinite emotion.

William Regal was fired

Among them stands out that of another WWE veteran.

This is Edge, who compared to others had the opportunity to meet William Regal as an athlete and entertainer, in the first and very long part of his career often shared with his English colleague. "@RealKingRegal is a man I hold the utmost respect for.

A dear friend who always, without fail, makes me smile, and what better gift? He also made me a better, tougher performer and pulled me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to new heights. He's a real man(s) man," the Rated-R Superstar tweeted.

Another veteran to pay homage to William Regal was Mick Foley, who did not fail to underline his dismay at the news. "WILLIAM REGAL? WHAT THE FUCK? Whoever hires him will be lucky to have done so," he wrote. Among the current milestones of the WWE stands Becky Lynch, female champion of Raw who explains that nothing would have been possible in her career if William Regal had not given her a chance.

Her words are almost identical to those of Sasha Banks, who explained how without the guidance of the Briton, her career simply would not have taken place. On the other hand, the one who was already known in the indie scene before his arrival at NXT is Kevin Owens, who also used words of great gratitude for William Regal.

For KO, in fact, "his guide" and "his example" were fundamental. Words similar to those used by Johnny Gargano, while Cesaro preferred to remember him for a match played against the English veteran. Obviously, in the NXT ring.