Vince Russo believes WWE will make a shocking move

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Vince Russo believes WWE will make a shocking move

Roman Reigns' Coronavirus positivity changed the cards just before the start of 'Day 1', the pay-per-view staged on January 1, 2022. Brock Lesnar was sensationally included in the match valid for the WWE Championship and came out victorious from the contest amid general amazement.

But what would have happened if the 'Tribal Chief' had regularly taken part in the first PPV of the new year? One possible answer is provided by the authoritative Dave Meltzer, correspondent of the Wrestling Observer.

“Brock would have beaten Roman on Day 1, as it was their second match. Reigns won the first battle, so Lesnar would take revenge. I believe that - during the match - Paul Heyman would have been decisive, damaging Reigns and causing him to lose the match.

The match was not held due to Roman's positivity, and instead of moving him to the Royal Rumble we decided to proceed as you have seen ”- he revealed. During the latest edition of 'Legion of RAW' on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo suggested there could be some big changes in the WWE roster this year.

"I'd like to make a bold prediction: WWE will join the two belts this year. There will be only one champion and they will eliminate the existing division between the two brands” - said Vince Russo.

Vince Russo talks about WWE

“This split no longer makes sense, in fact, it is causing multiple conflicts between the USA Network and FOX.

WWE can no longer afford to serve two masters, the situation has become unbearable” - he added. Vince Russo invited Vince McMahon to produce content that is more faithful to reality: "When I last spoke to Vince, I stressed the importance of realism.

Wrestling must be anchored in reality, otherwise, it turns into a circus. If you approach situations with the right amount of realism, then you will win back the respect of the casual viewers who no longer watch your shows.

The company is struggling with a serious COVID-19 outbreak, which has created problems for several superstars. Why was nothing said on TV? WWE desperately needs to go back to basics." Before facing Rollins on RAW this week, Big E officially announced his entry into the Men's Royal Rumble match this year.

He further congratulated 'The Visionary' and stated that he hoped Rollins wins at the pay-per-view so that after winning the Rumble, E could beat Rollins for the title himself.