Mark Henry pays tribute to Austin Theory

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Mark Henry pays tribute to Austin Theory

Austin Theory has taken part in several segments with Vince McMahon over the past few weeks, where the WWE boss has attempted to motivate him and teach him important life lessons. Many believe that the company intends to make Theory one of the company's iconic faces in the near future.

The young Raw star was signed by WWE in 2019 and appeared on NXT, before doing a short stint on the main roster. After playing on the 'Black and Gold' roster for a year, Austin returned to Raw in October last year following the 2021 Draft.

In addition to working with Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Finn Balor, Theory took part in the storyline of the golden egg. From that moment on, his bizarre and controversial partnership with Vince McMahon began. In the latest edition of 'Busted Open Radio', WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry took a detailed look at the prospects for Austin Theory.

Mark Henry opens up on Austin Theory

“My judgment on Austin Theory has changed several times over time,” admitted Mark Henry. “I think he's doing something that very few wrestlers have been able to do, which is to play him perfectly.

Right now, he's playing some sort of Robin for Vince McMahon. Not many people can say they worked closely with Vince. I am reminded of legends of the caliber of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, which have become the iconic faces of the company in every corner of the world.

Theory is still very young and has all the credentials to succeed in this business ”- he added. Bill Apter is not of the same opinion: “Austin Theory's push in the last few weeks is not accidental. I think their goal is to get somewhere through all of these segments with Vince.

I'm not ruling out that - at some point - Shane McMahon makes his return to WWE and gets mad at Theory because of his relationship with his father. It would be a gimmick to get Shane back." On a recent Busted Open podcast, Mark Henry lavished praise on Sami Zayn, calling him an "unbelievable worker" and someone who has great potential: "As it relates to potential, Sami Zayn has got all the potential in the world to be the best heel or the best face.

It's just the matter of where you book him, where you push him. You talked about respecting the guy and loving the guy as a person, there ain't many that I hold in higher regard because his talent is undeniable. No, he don't look like Adonis, (he) don't have to. The dude is an unbelievable worker."