New changes announced on NXT

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New changes announced on NXT
New changes announced on NXT (Provided by Wrestling World)

Over the past week, WWE has been looking to fire numerous NXT executives, insiders and wrestlers, ending numerous contracts that have been going on for years, such as Road Dogg, William Regal, and several other top executives and NXT road agents.

After the hundreds of releases that took place between 2020 and 2021, 2022 also opens in the name of budget cuts for the WWE, with the most close-knit part of the staff in recent years with Triple H of the third roster of the federation that it was completely eliminated overnight, giving space to new personalities and new ideas at NXT.

If many did not go down the radical change that took place backstage of the WWE color show, many others have not yet understood the reason that is pushing the federation to change its rosters and its backstage hierarchies so drastically, with fans who didn't like the on-screen or backstage changes.

The latest news on NXT

Bron Breakker kicked off NXT and celebrated his win last week, which saw him become the new Champion. Bron praised Ciampa and called him a great fighting champion before saying that he will prove that he deserved the Title every coming week on the show.

Apparently, after the exclusion of the CEO, Triple H, for the known heart problems that have plagued him in recent weeks and with the firing of important characters such as Road Dogg, Dave Kapoor, William Regal and Samoa Joe, the only one of the Creative team that the Triple trusted blindly is Shawn Michaels, who obviously can't drive the creative process of WWE's third roster alone.

Apparently, according to what was revealed by PW Insider, at the moment Vince McMahon would have entrusted in full the entire creative process with the attached team in the hands of Bruce Prichard, with the manager and historical executive of WWE who in addition to the main roster will now also have to supervise the Stamford company's color roster.

In addition to Prichard, there will also be the inclusion of Christine Lubrano in the role of head supervisor, with the two obviously interfacing with Vince McMahon and with another head writer who has been put in charge of the creative team, which is Johnny Russo.

In the creative team, Dewey Foley will also remain, the son of Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who has been working for some time in the creative team of the NXT show, while previously also working in that of 205 Live.

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