Johnny Gargano could be back in the ring soon

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Johnny Gargano could be back in the ring soon

In the past couple of months, we've seen numerous Superstars leave WWE, including many well-known NXT faces too: from Adam Cole to Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, to Mercedes Martinez or Johnny Gargano, all athletes who have either been released.

from the company for budget cuts, or they waited for their agreement to end and did not want to renew it, to try instead to build a different future in the rings of another company, such as AEW. Among the many excluded from the McMahon color roster, there was also space for Johnny Gargano, who was one of those who waited for the end of his agreement to leave and stay at home next to his wife waiting for the firstborn of the pair, expected to be born shortly, with Candice LaRae obviously absent just like NXT ring mate Johnny.

Johnny Gargano suggests his return to wrestling

After leaving all the fans of the WWE Universe wondering where he will fight after WWE, if he will try to return to the McMahon rings or if he will return to perform in other companies, Johnny Gargano seems to have left a clue on his social pages regarding a fairly imminent return to the pro-wrestling world, although the son is not yet born.

In the last few hours, Gargano has indeed released the following message on his Twitter page: "You know when I start training with wrestling theme songs ... the itch is starting to come back..." Apparently, the distance from the WWE rings or in general the distance from the pro-wrestling square would seem to have rekindled in Gargano the desire to fight again, with his return that could be imminent, given that once the firstborn of the couple is born, Johnny Gargano will most likely return to action almost immediately, it will only be necessary to see if he will do it again in the rings of the McMahon company or if he too will join forces with all the former NXTs who now they appeared in the AEW rings, as did Bobby Fish or Kyle O'Reilly themselves.

While most fans will immediately point out that he might become 'Johnny Elite', AEW is not the only wrestling company that could benefit from having Gargano on its roster. Gargano could sign with IMPACT or New Japan Pro Wrestling, both of whom have been in the news looking to sign some of the h*ttest free agents in professional wrestling.

Both his mix of terrific technical style and a willingness to have a 'devil may care' attitude makes him a fan favorite. He has a certain, quiet appeal that the hardcore fanbase definitely approves of.