Raw: Alexa Bliss appeared on a snippet

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Raw: Alexa Bliss appeared on a snippet

The evening at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia begins with the entrance of WWE CHAMPION BROCK LESNAR, accompanied by PAUL HEYMAN, while in the backstage there are BOBBY LASHLEY & MVP, joined by CEDRIC ALEXANDER and SHELTON BENJAMIN, with the former claiming to be very happy with the reunion, but the Allmighty replies that he is a lone wolf and that the Hurt Business is dead!

After a brief introduction of The Beast, BOBBY LASHLEY AND MVP ENTER THE RING ALMOST IMMEDIATELY! The Allmighty reiterates that he is happy to share the ring with a beast like him and that it took 20 years to see him face to face.

The WWE champion replies that in recent years he has won titles unlike him, while he did not even know his name before Day 1. For the first time since losing to Charlotte, Alexa Bliss appeared on a snippet of WWE RAW. Still, in her spooky gimmick, Alexa Bliss snapped after being made to relive the end of Lilly during the session.

Alexa Bliss appeared

Alexa Bliss poured a glass of water until it overflowed and smashed it on the wall before trashing the office and challenging the doctor about her problems. While Bobby laughs and promises that at the Royal Rumble he will win the belt, Heyman and Lesnar play the game of doors, where he confirms that he is a failed comedian.

At the end of the segment, Brock and Paul leave laughing ... AND THE HURT BUSINESS ATTACKS LASHLEY !!! But Bobby is too pissed off to succumb and destroys the two ex-friends! I have to understand the meaning of this alliance that not even Bobby remembered ...

In the locker room we see the RK-BRO COUPLE CHAMPIONS, ready to defend the titles ... with Randy Orton explaining on the board that Riddle has to take over from the Viper! In the meantime, the Original Bro wants to go for a pizza if he wins.

James is currently signed to NWA and Impact Wrestling and is also the current Impact Knockouts Champion. WWE acknowledged her as the Impact Knockouts Champion while confirming her participation. Early in 2022, no one could have imagined this.

Mickie James is not the only WWE legend that will take part in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Lita, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Nikki Bella, and Brie Bella will also take part in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.