Raw: Seth Rollins challenged Big E

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Raw: Seth Rollins challenged Big E

Big E Vs Seth Rollins The former WWE champion immediately trims a SPEAR to Rollins and the Monday Night Messiah ends up outside the ring! Big E performs his Splash and calls the BIG ENDING .... ENZEGURI KICK DI ROLLINS !!! 1 ...

2 ... ONLY 2 !!! Seth continues his beautiful offensive and comes close to success after the Frog Splash !!! Attempt to CURB STOMP ... POWERBOMB BY BIG E !!! 1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!! The two end up on the third rope and both miss the finishers ...

PEDIGREE OF ROLLINS ... AVOIDED ... KICK OF ROLLINS AND ... CURB STOMP TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! NIKKI ASH and RHEA RIPLEY arrive in the ring, interviewed by Sarah Schreiber! The little heroine is ready to challenge the champions, but the Australian says that she is not the topic of the day!

Nikki gets angry and shoots the reporter away, while Rhea reiterates her will to break the tag team! Nikki wants to convince Ripley to change her mind, but in the end, she drops everything and the two hug for the last time!

Nikki and Rhea exchange punches ... BUT NIKKI ATTACKS RHEA !!! Seth Rollins came out on RAW to address the situation that happened on SmackDown. Big E declared his entry to the Royal Rumble match, and he may have instantly become one of the favorites to win the Men's Rumble bout this year.

Seth Rollins vs. Big E

It's an interesting match-up, but one that highlights how much Roman Reigns has run through the SmackDown roster. Seth Rollins addressed the match and made quite a few references to their Shield days, but it was Big E who came out to confront him.

At the end of the attack, the superheroine states that she doesn't need friends! Oh my God ... segment of the 24/7 title of DANA BROOKE, with the complicity of REGGIE! The two manage to escape from R-TRUTH, AKIRA TOZAWA and TAMINA, with the latter sending Tozawa against a basket!

However, OMOS interrupts Reggie's escape attempt, but Dana (with an almost demonic scream) stops him! As OMOS enters the ring, DOUDROP says he will win tonight and that Rumble will write history! -Omos Vs Nick Sanders I missed Lukaku's squash against strangers ...

It's time for the Cutting Edge, as the replays remind us for the tenth time that Lesnar and Lashley had an initial face-off ... ENOUGH!!! In the ring we find EDGE, introducing his wife BETH PHOENIX! After talking about their life and the successes of both ...

THEY ARE INTERRUPTED BY THE MIZ & MARYSE! The Awesome greets Edge and shows a video showing the victories and achievements of her wife, reiterating how lucky they are to share the ring with her! The Rated-R Superstar respects the achievements of the beautiful blonde, but she promises that she will be destroyed by Beth, with the latter making fun of her.

Mizanin urges Maryse to attack ... BUT MARYSE HAS GONE !!! Then Beth growls at Miz stating that she'll break his face if Maryse doesn't show up at Rumble !!! And on these images ends the second part of RAW!