Booker T opens up on Chris Jericho

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Booker T opens up on Chris Jericho

In recent days there has been nothing but talk of the famous and distant Forbidden Door opened by the WWE in the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, when the Stamford company confirmed that the current IMPACT Wrestling champion, Mickie James, will take part in the Royal Female rumble of the company, in the homonymous ppv.

Until a few days ago, such a thing was almost unthinkable for WWE and for the politics that the company had built up to now, with the McMahons who have carried on the company alone until today, pretending that the others rival companies did not exist, with AEW, former TNA, Ring of Honor and many other companies that have never even been approached by WWE, in its near-worldwide monopoly.

Apparently, the name of the former Mickie James could instead be just the first of a long series of athletes who could show up on the WWE rings even only one night only, to the delight of the fans of the company. Booker T feels an AEW wrestler coming through the "Forbidden Door" to take part in the WWE Royal Rumble match may not be a good idea at the moment.

He feels there is a possibility that even a legend and fan-favorite like Chris Jericho may get a negative reaction from the fanbase. On the latest episode of his Hall of Fame Podcast, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, he wanted to talk about the possible return of Chris Jericho in the company that launched him in the Olympus of great wrestlers after WCW, with the thought of the multi-champion WCW and WWE.

Booker T on Chris Jericho

"Let's think about this for a second because I feel that Chris Jericho can be booed from all over the arena, walking out into a WWE arena. Who knows what might happen. None of us knows what might happen if something like this happened now.

I wouldn't want to be the one testing this at the moment, personally not me,” said Booker T. According to Jericho's former colleague, this moment of great doubt for WWE and its external twinning could create great confusion among fans, if not great resentment.

towards the great ex of the company and therefore also names of the caliber of Chris Jericho may not be exempt from heat or discordant choirs by the members of the WWE Universe. WWE surprised many by announcing that current IMPACT Wrestling star Mickie James would be a part of this year's women's Royal Rumble match.