John Cena discusses his possible return

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John Cena discusses his possible return

John Cena is known in the wrestling world for remaining an eternal good, the ultimate babyface, even when fans turned their backs on him and started booing him. A guest on The Pat McAfee Show, the legend of the ring wanted to talk about when Vince McMahon proposed the idea of making him heel a few years earlier, talking about his reaction and response.

"Acting the same character for a long time, that's a challenge. I really enjoyed the challenge, I really enjoyed it when, in the beginning, you know ... I remember Vince playing with the idea of ​​turning me heel for The Rock, The Rock and I in Miami, and I said to him, like, 'Hey, no problem, I'll do it 100%, but remember this is so ...

We're so in it at this point, we can't do it and then jump back because we will sink completely, so if we do that, I must be the opposite of virtue, I must be pure evil and we must go all the way.' "

John Cena could return to WWE

John Cena then said that Vince obviously changed his mind: "And he [Vince] decided against it [the idea of ​​the turn heel ed.] That's where he was like, 'Listen, I don't think we'll ever do that.'

" On his recognizable WWE character he also wanted to add: "And from a credibility point of view I always ... you know, people always see me in uniform, go figure it. If you haven't seen me in a suit and tie in WWE, you saw me in a cap, t-shirt, jean shorts, sneakers.

You saw me in uniform because I want people to know that what they see is someone they can relate to. " In the end perhaps it can be said that a turn heel from Cena would have been risky, but the fact remains that we didn't see a different side of him, except briefly at Wrestlemania 36 in the Firefly Fun House Match against The Fiend: point of 'Okay, you have the luxury of playing this character, but you will always play this character,' which was great, "Cena said."

It led me to dive into the nuances that spawned the creation of things like the Firefly Fun House Match, where I was like 'Yo, what if I had an experience going through all my flaws and my timeline." John Cena may have a few more high-profile matches left in his WWE career, perhaps to help 'put over' an up-and-coming superstar.

One current star who the company seems to want to push is Austin Theory. He recently spoke about wanting to retire John Cena. "But I think, I think for Austin Theory. Yeah, you'd have to really not "see" Cena anymore because I'd have to retire him. I'd have to do it, man," said Austin Theory recently.