Rob Van Dam comments on recent releases

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Rob Van Dam comments on recent releases

WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam, on Rene Dupree's podcast "Cafe De Rene", commented on WWE releases and talked about his time at ECW and IMPACT Wrestling. On his time in WWE, Rob Van Dam revealed: “For several reasons, I have never felt comfortable in WWE.

People are amazed when any athlete is released and it's crazy how often this is happening now. All of this always creates a shocking feeling for everyone. Even when I was champion, I never felt untouchable. They lowered my crest so much that I thought 'Fortunately, I haven't been fired yet'

Everything can change suddenly, it is not enough to be champions."

Rob Van Dam is a WWE legend

Previously RVD, on a possible return to the ring and in WWE had stated: “I know some might be skeptical about it, but I am able to stay in a ring.

I don't know if I will play other matches in WWE, but I don't close the doors to this possibility at all. I would have no problem returning to Vince's federation unless there are foreclosures on their part. I have kept in touch with him and we have a good relationship.

There have been rumors that I am against WWE, but they are all falsehoods." The legend of the ring also wanted to tell a piece of his past in ECW and IMPACT Wrestling: “I always say that ECW was my funniest adventure.

Part of that adventure was great. Knowing that my efforts are building my name and that of the company has made me happy. IMPACT was probably the easiest contract I've had, especially after WWE, it was a similar contract to that but I was on TV once every two weeks.

It was nice even though people were constantly asking me 'Are you retired?' and I would say: 'No, I'm at Impact every week.' " Very interesting statements from Rob Van Damn on the releases of the federation, which show how the climate in WWE is not the best.

In fact, uncertainty reigns supreme in the WWE, especially in this period. However, a situation that is certainly not good for athletes, forced to live in fear of being fired. RVD was inducted into the 2021 class of the WWE Hall of Fame in early 2021 alongside other legends such as Kane and Eric Bischoff.

During his time with the company, RVD starred in many classic matches. Most memorably, he battled John Cena at ECW One Night Stand in 2006 for the WWE Championship. In a shocking upset, Rob Van Dam defeated the 16-time world champion to capture the title. He also made a name for himself in IMPACT Wrestling and is a former TNA World Heavyweight and X Division Champion.