Drew McIntyre spotted with a cervical collar

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Drew McIntyre spotted with a cervical collar

On January 2, we let you know that WWE had written the following after Baron Corbin and Moss attacked Drew McIntyre on pay-per-view Day 1: “Drew McIntyre suffered a neck strain with severe bruises. After further evaluation by the medical staff, he will be followed by a cervical orthopedic specialist.

" Although everyone initially thought of an injury in the storyline, according to what various personalities in the world of wrestling news reported, the injury would be real, so WWE opted for this attack to justify the time that Drew will spend away from the ring.

The latest news has confirmed that the athlete has undergone some medical checks and that everyone was waiting to know something more certain, before obviously jumping to conclusions: "Legitimately, McIntyre's neck has been bothering him for months (…) There is nothing more precise until it is carefully examined.

The hope is that it's nothing serious and that he can be back soon, at least around Wrestlemania, and that he won't need surgery that will put him out for months. But no one knows right now. The timing was not good, because Smackdown has no other full-time top faces."

Latest update on Drew McIntyre

The WWE on BT Sport Twitter profile posted a photo taken from an Instagram account where we see Drew McIntyre in what looks like a bar/restaurant, with his wife, wearing a neck collar. The tweet quotes: "Drew McIntyre was seen visiting a specialist in Pittsburgh earlier this week.

With a history of neck problems we know he's taking this extremely seriously. Sending you good vibes and hoping for a quick and successful recovery, @DMcIntyreWWE!" While in the caption of the photo we read: "My beautiful sister from another mister and her hubs enjoying being back in my home turf!

Enjoy Pittsburgh without me!!" Ahead of the pay-per-view, Drew McIntyre told Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino that Moss regularly asks him for advice backstage. The former WWE Champion added that he finds his opponent’s comedy act with Corbin hilarious.

“I’m excited that he [Madcap Moss] has been given the opportunity now on the big stage to do something, and he’s 10% committed to the part," said McIntyre. "Himself and Corbin are fully invested in the characters – that’s why it works.

The jokes are terrible, but their reactions to the jokes are hilarious. It’s so over the top, I love it”. While many fans already know about Corbin’s background, Drew McIntyre believes Moss’ accomplishments are equally as impressive.