Doudrop opens up about backstage changes

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Doudrop opens up about backstage changes

In recent years, especially due to the pandemic, we've gotten used to seeing and reading rapid changes in WWE plans, with Vince McMahon often tearing up the script just before a show. This situation is obviously not ideal for fighters, who often find themselves having to readjust to something new in a very short time.

Doudrop, who had said that at the last time he had been notified of his transfer from the United Kingdom, when he was part of NXT UK, to the United States, has now made the call. Speaking with Taylor Wilde on Wild On, Doudrop wanted to tell her experience on Raw, on the main roster.

Backstage news on Doudrop

“It's fantastic. I am having a lot of fun, I love it. It becomes stressful because it is very manic, everything changes, don't get too comfortable with anything, because it will change six times before the show.

Just go with the flow, adapt, stay on the move, and don't get mad at anything because it's not personal. [...] It's difficult and can be stressful, so don't make it that way anymore. You can never get comfortable, but you must also be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Whatever I have, I make it work to the best of my ability. We're here to have fun, not for long, so let's do our best," she said. Doudrop then talked about a match of his rivalry against Bianca Belair that was upset at the last minute: "I knew I had a fight with Bianca and the whole segment was supposed to be five minutes.

And I: 'Ok, I'll do my best for five minutes. ”I told the universe that this was going to be the best match I could ever have and that I was going to drive Vince crazy and he would love it. Arriving at the arena, things had not been completed, they are moving forward, but they are not finalized.

Then, maybe it's six o'clock, and it's' Hey, you know you had five minutes? Well, it has changed and now you have three segments. 'At first, I was panicked because we have an hour before the show starts, I'm not even in gear.

I saw it as a problem, 'Panic, panic, panic.' Then it was, 'You know, I asked for this. This is my chance to have a great match and have the best match possible. 'As soon as I changed my mindset, we went out there and had a terrifying match.

Bossman [Vince Mcmahon] was very happy." The EST of WWE previously had the upper hand during her feud with Doudrop. However, on the latest episode of RAW the latter star had the last laugh. The former NXT UK star stood tall in the main event on Monday as she defeated Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan to become the new #1 contender for Becky Lynch's title.