Fans in an uproar after the latest news on Corey Graves

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Fans in an uproar after the latest news on Corey Graves

In the very last few hours, we talk about Corey Graves, who seems to have obtained permission from the medical staff after years to return to fight in the company's rings, after a very long period of forced stop, which became a real retirement, after yet another concussion from the former NXT athlete.

One of the first hired with the old Triple H order at NXT, he had in fact had to be absent more than 7 years ago, due to the danger that he would be injured too seriously in the company's rings, after having taken a considerable blow to the head, that just like other colleagues, see Christian and Daniel Bryan, they had all been stopped indefinitely by WWE doctors.

In the last few hours, however, the well-known site Fightful reported the following words: "Fightful has learned that longtime commentator Corey Graves has had a big change in status over the past year. We spoke to WWE and close to the situation sources, who claim that Graves was actually given the green light by WWE doctors at some point in 2020, although the company has not confirmed this to us, so it is largely based.

on behind-the-scenes discussions. Graves briefly won the WWE 24/7 Championship in 2020, despite previously being on a strict internal "contactless" list the company holds. We can confirm that he was no longer on that list.

We reached out to both Corey Graves and WWE, who both responded but did not confirm or deny any part of this news."

What's next for Corey Graves?

Not even the time to read the news, that dozens and dozens of fans went wild on Twitter, going to give their support to Corey Graves and suggesting to WWE what to do for the return of the former NXT to the rings of the Royal Rumble, which has become now a foregone conclusion for a large portion of the WWE Universe.

Before moving into an announcing role -- first on NXT and then moving up to stints on both RAW and SmackDown -- Corey Graves began his career with WWE as a performer. First joining the company as part of WWE's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), Graves was a part of the revamped NXT when it launched.

He was even a playable wrestler in the WWE 2K15 video game. However, Corey Graves had suffered a number of concussions during his in-ring career, and in 2014, he retired as an active performer.