Ric Flair takes a shot at WWE

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Ric Flair takes a shot at WWE

When Ric Flair left WWE in August 2021, he let fans know that he was simply leaving due to creative differences, stating that he and WWE had a "different vision" for his future. He also made it clear that there was no hostility between him and WWE, although, as things have been going on lately on his podcast, where he has repeatedly attacked the company and Becky Lynch for the nickname 'The Man', it now appears.

the opposite. Commenting on his release on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Flair said WWE President Nick Khan had buried him and made the situation personal. He also attacked the company for not making the most of the Flair surname.

Ric Flair slams WWE

"We didn't have the same vision for me, and then Nick Khan makes it personal," Ric Flair said. "Just because I didn't want to work there and I want to do things like this so I can reflect on my career, Nick, it buries me...

I need someone to explain it to me, how the hell do you get Flair, get that brand, and not do it a fixed point of that company?" Going on, he suggested that WWE should have done a better job dealing with his family name, especially since according to him, his daughter Charlotte is an even better wrestler than he was in the ring.

"Randy [Orton] is a third-generation wrestler and better than both his father and grandmother. Charlotte is a second-generation wrestler and better than me. To me, if I were the company, I would embrace it. This only happens to very few.

times." It really seems that Ric Flair is going heavy on the comments against WWE, but it seems to intrigue a lot of his fans who are willing to listen to him anytime and anywhere. Will there be a chance to see him elsewhere, like in AEW, maybe alongside Andrade? After all these statements, it is not to be ruled out.

Vince McMahon’s company has sold Becky Lynch's The Man nickname on dozens of merchandise over the last three years. The WWE 2K20 video game cover even featured Lynch wearing one of her best-selling The Man t-shirts.

Ric Flair speculated that the promotion had made over $30 million over the last three years based on its marketing of the said nickname: “It is [trademark battle over], and in closing because I’m so tired of going over it, it’s not even let’s say hypothetically the number one selling t-shirt for two years, and a billion dollar company, so let’s just say they made 30 million dollars, right? I could find out but it’s not worth it”.