Latest update on William Regal's future

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Latest update on William Regal's future

In the latest wave of releases made by the WWE in its rosters and hierarchies, the now legendary former English athlete, who at the time was at the head of the NXT roster as General Manager, was also included: William Regal.

After more than 20 years of career in the rings and backstage of the WWE, Regal was in fact fired along with many other executives and road agents of the third WWE roster, such as Samoa Joe, Dave Kapoor and Road Dogg, with all these names that were all names.

trust Triple H, before Vince McMahon even entrusted his new NXT to Bruce Prichard, like the rest of the brands on the main roster. Despite everything, after the release, William Regal wanted to thank everyone for the tremendous opportunities received in 20 years of working with the Stamford company, as only a gentleman could do, with a long heartfelt thanks to all the company, executives and owner in person.

Backstage News on William Regal

As revealed by Tommy Dreamer himself, in his latest interview with the microphones of Busted Open Radio, the ECW Original wanted to confirm to the fans of the WWE Universe and to all the fans of William Regal, as the company he is currently working for, that is Impact Wrestling, has offered a new job to the former British wrestler, just learned of his dismissal from WWE.

In his speech, Dreamer affirmed: "If you are looking for a manager, I can say, the New York Giants have their GM retreating and then he will be the head coach they will take. Everyone associates us with that character.

Triple H is no longer in charge and everyone who was with him is gone. The only guy left is Shawn (Michaels), but Shawn is Vince's boyfriend even before he is Triple H's. Regal, at the time I last heard him, had just been released, I texted him and said 'If you want to be a commentator for Impact or if you want to be a General Manager, just do it for me.

to know 'He will surely have something when he chooses what to do.' In a recent interview with SHAK Wrestling, the former Aleister Black spoke about the aforementioned releases: “For Joe, whether that would be in an active competitor part or just someone who helps produce, I would welcome it,” Black said.

“I actually spoke to Mr. Regal the day of and just expressed my gratitude to him. Because there are a few people that I always went to, to filter my ideas and filter my process, and him and Terry Taylor always pop in my head whenever I try to plan stuff or do stuff or think about stuff.

He was a big part of that. He was the one who originally saw me back in the UK, back in Progress. He was the one who made it all happen," revealed Black.