Malakai Black discusses recent releases

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Malakai Black discusses recent releases

In an interview with SHAK Wrestling, AEW superstar Malakai Black talked about his time in NXT as Aleister Black and said his run in the former black and gold brand helped him get to where he is now. "It helped me to be where I am today.

It's why I'm in this other amazing company now. In its weird way, it helped shape it, you know what I mean? And it helped shape me and let me carry my own profession in what I consider to be the cool and innovative company in the world right now, which is AEW."

Malakai Black analyzes recent releases

WWE might have released Samoa Joe and William Regal, but Malakai Black believes they can find a new home in All Elite Wrestling. The dark wrestler then also wanted to comment on the release of Samoa Joe and William Regal, two people he knew very well when he worked for the McMahon family company saying he would like to see them in AEW.

"To Joe, whether he was an active worker or part of something that could help the production, I would welcome him. I talked to Mr. Regal the day before and just expressed my gratitude. Because there are some people I used to go to.

always, to filter my ideas and filter my process, and he and Terry Taylor always pop into my mind whenever I try to plan something or do things or think about things. It was a big part of that. It was what he originally saw me at the time in the UK, in Progress.

He was what made it all happen. I owe him much, if not most of my mainstream success, to William Regal and he is central to business in any form or way. And whatever he decides to do, I hope he realizes that he is highly respected and much loved because there is no one better prepared to teach than William Regal."

For now, we do not know the future of these two men, we only know that William Regal received a job offer from IMPACT, in the words of Tommy Dreamer: "Regal, at the moment I heard him last, was as soon as he was released, I texted him and said 'If you want to be a commentator for Impact or if you want to be a General Manager, just let me know.'

He will definitely have something when he chooses what to do." While Malakai Black has already had great success in All Elite Wrestling as he was immediately inserted into a feud with AEW EVP Cody Rhodes, unfortunately, the same can't be said for Zelina Vega's return to WWE thus far.

Although she's been consistently featured on WWE SmackDown since her return, she's yet to win a match that hurts her standing and credibility in the eyes of the WWE Universe.