Renee Paquette opens up on Nikki A.S.H.

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Renee Paquette opens up on Nikki A.S.H.

Interviewed by Busted Open Radio, former WWE commentator and interviewer Renee Paquette, better known in the company as Renee Young, had her say on Nikki A.S.H.' s recent turn heel. “I feel like this is what had to happen, I don't know if that's what everyone expected,” she said.

“I think people thought maybe Rhea Ripley would split the group. But Nikki A.S.H., honestly, when she started this character I was like, 'Hmmm, I don't know what we're doing here.' I was really undecided about it.

But I love Nikki and I think she is so great. I know how creative she is. I know how much she loves what she does and she has such a passion for professional wrestling. So for her to take a character like hers and move on with it and really see people go after her, I think that's really, really cool."

Renee Paquette on Nikki A.S.H.

Renee Paquette also analyzed Rhea's situation in the company, saying she got a little lost: "Can you believe this is happening for Rhea Ripley? I can't believe it. She's amazing, she's just like this perfect package that's ready for.

go. She's young but she's so adaptable, I think she's amazing. I can't believe she's someone who could be lost in thin air for a second." On Nikki A.S.H.' s future, however, he said, "I want to see what they will do with this.

As we were saying with Rhea. Sometimes you find yourself stuck fighting against the creative team and what other people's vision is for you, maybe. I know how it can be. an uphill battle. But I think Nikki is so determined to do all the things her character wants to do.

I'm sure she has some kind of vision map at home, of the things she might like to do. So let's hope she gets to involve other people and bring some of these things to fruition." In an episode of RAW, Nikki A.S.H.

was asked about her superhero persona. She said that despite looking like a superhero, she's not completely like it. She elaborated by saying that she's 'Almost a Superhero' WWE has been using A.S.H. in her name since then.

Speaking to WWE Espanol's Brunch De WWE, Nikki Cross explained the origins of her current gimmick. She said, “The idea started to form right about the Royal Rumble. For me, I’ve always taken a lot of inspiration, a lot of comfort, a lot of escapism from superhero movies and superhero television shows in Scotland as a little girl. I would always watch the X-Men cartoon, the Spiderman cartoons."