WWE has two new names in mind for Elimination Chamber

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WWE has two new names in mind for Elimination Chamber
WWE has two new names in mind for Elimination Chamber

One of the most grueling and terrifying matches in WWE's recent history is undoubtedly the Elimination Chamber match, a contest that takes place inside a cage entirely built of steel, with plexiglass mini-cages that contain four athletes (or eight), with the first two athletes or tag teams, who start the match alone in the center of the ring, and then wait for the timer to stop and one at a time, the other participants then enter the match.

This dispute, just like the Hell in a Cell, has become so important and famous in recent years, that WWE has seen fit to make it a real themed ppv, just like with Money in the Bank, which initially went staged at Wrestlemania and which now has a specific slot on its own within the WWE annual PPV calendar.

This year, however, Elimination Chamber could have one very big change, indeed two. As confirmed by multiple sources in the past few weeks, it seems that the Elimination Chamber will return again this year, but for the first time it could be staged by the company's Arab ppv next month, with the Saudi principality thus having its ppv.

themed at the beginning of the year.

Latest news on Elimination Chamber

WWE is reportedly planning to bring back the popular Elimination Chamber match. The gimmick was most recently used at the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event in February 2021.

Apparently, according to reports from the always very attentive and knowledgeable Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, it would seem that WWE is thinking about how to rename its ppv with the hellish cage of the company inside, with the first name that had already been leaked in the past.

days, which was that of "Wrestlemania Chamber", a bit like last year's "Wrestlemania Backlash". Apparently, this would be only the first name considered by the WWE, which would also have thought of a second pseudonym to give to the show, which would be "The Annual Elimination Chamber", with this name that would be associated with the ppv.

Arab and that perhaps could open a series of themed events also for the future years in which WWE will return to the Asian country, as agreed. The report further added that tentative preparations for the Elimination Chamber match has been going on since the previous event.

Additionally, there have also been discussions of possibly taping an episode of WWE TV in Saudi Arabia in the future, however, there is no confirmation yet about that.

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