The strange week of Leo Sparrow

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The strange week of Leo Sparrow

In recent weeks there has been nothing but talk of the famous Forbidden Door opened by the WWE, with the Stamford-based federation that after having invited the IMPACT Wrestling champion to that of the Royal Rumble, would have made her fans understand how the possibility of seeing others athletes still under contract with other rival companies is now a possibility to be evaluated, unlike in the recent past, where this was absolutely unthinkable.

Since James's announcement in the Rumble, in fact, WWE Universe fans have begun to make the most disparate hypotheses, from AEW athletes who could appear in the WWE rings to Impact heavyweight champion, Moose, who could even appearing in the Rumble rings, just like her female counterpart from the WWE rival American company.

In all this, there are some free agents who have already had the experience of showing up in just one week on two rings of two different companies in North America, we are talking about the two biggest and most famous of all: WWE and the AEW.

Leo Sparrow first competed on the Monday night show, where he lost a squash match to former RAW Tag Team Champion Omos. During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw the former Tag Team champion of the red show go to fight in a squash match against a jobber who never appeared in the WWE rings, unknown to most: Leo Sparrow.

Leo Sparrow appears on Raw and Rampage

Obviously, the wrestler had been invited to the WWE to be sent to the monstrous Omos, after the split with AJ Styles, with Omos, who in a few minutes, if not seconds, finished his opponent, to magnify even more.

its status as a destroyer. The funny thing is that the wrestler in question, who has worked for months in the independent circuit, appeared in the same week, or last night, also on the AEW television screens, in the Rampage program, with the boy who took part in one of the angles by The Acclaimed, while the boys made fun of their opponents, Sting and Darby Allin.

This turns out to be something that rarely happens with the main promotions in North America, with the guy who trains in Pat Buck's Creat a Pro Wrestlijng Academy, thus already performing half a miracle for his early career.

It's also worth noting that Leo Sparrow trained at the same wrestling school as Caster and Bowens, i.e., Create A Pro Wrestling Academy. Former WWE star Brian Myers is the head trainer at the school. It now remains to be seen if Sparrow makes another appearance on either AEW or WWE's programming in the coming weeks.