John Cena opens up on the return of an old gimmick

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John Cena opens up on the return of an old gimmick

Over the years, John Cena has covered several characters in his long career in the WWE rings, from the Doctor of Thuganomics to the rapper who insulted everyone, up to being the idol of young and old, removing all references to insults.

from its final moves, such as the FU became the AA or the STF-U, which after some time became the simple STF. Despite not having had many gimmicks, unlike other characters of the caliber of Bray Wyatt, The Undertaker or Seth Rollins, John Cena still remained in the hearts of several fans with the Doctor of Thuganomics, which in recent years has returned to show up in at least two live events with WWE, in the famous Wrestlemania match against Bray Wyatt, in the form of the Fiend, or the first Firefly Fun House match in WWE history, or in the segment against Elias, with John Cena who presented himself with the music and with the ring attire of his old character, who raged in the Friday Night Smackdown rings in the early 2000s.

John Cena has covered several characters

In his latest interview with Pardon My Take, John Cena wanted to talk about his gimmick that has remained in the hearts of his fans more than any other side of his character over the past 20 years, with the multiple WWE world champion saying: "Over the years, you have seen many (almost always good) versions of 'Doctor of Thuganomics', more than in the last 10 years.

The appearance in the Firefly Fun House match, the appearance at Wrestlemania with Elias. It is almost as if this character has brought with him a sense of nostalgia over time. So when he appears, there is something that still attracts and excites people.

So, never say never." During the various advertising campaigns to carry out his new project dedicated to The Peacemaker, John Cena, therefore, wanted to carry on this thought with which he did not want to close the doors to a possible return of his old gimmick on the rings of the Stamford-based company.

While speaking with Pat McAfee on his show, Cena revealed that he had a great time interacting with fans before his match. Cena added that he "crushed three tall drafts" before he was told that The Phenom was there: “Everybody is chilled and watched the show.

Then I made great friends with some people who traveled from Australia, people who traveled from across the US, buying each other beers. Literally, I crushed three tall drafts before they told me The Undertaker was there and I'd to hop the barricade and go wrestle The Undertaker.

That was a great experience for me 'cause I got to be something I admired, something I am, I got to be a fan”.