Lio Rush reveals his vision of wrestling

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Lio Rush reveals his vision of wrestling

In the "Fightful Podcast" former WWE Superstar, currently serving AEW, Lio Rush, spoke about Tony Khan, sharing the details of his contract with the federation. On Tony Khan, Lio Rush said: “My work with other federations doesn't come out in conversations with him.

He has seen so many people in AEW working in all these other places. I think these are extraordinary times for the wrestling world in this period. These are truly incredible times. You see so many people appearing in different places and you never know who will appear in different places.

I think it's the biggest thing about this wrestling and the fans are so excited about. A show can already be sold out without even having to name specific athletes and you can just go to that show expecting some surprises as well, it's great.

All these boys and girls have been all over the place. I think it's pretty well known that Tony is excited about his talent roster and I think as long as we're there, as long as we have good matches, it's a big deal for AEW.

So it's all pretty cool and I'm pretty happy."

Lio Rush has a tremendous talent

On his long-term contract with AEW, Lio Rush added, "At first I was offered a deal but then some things changed. The world of wrestling has changed.

I will say this, and this is no secret, but I want to emphasize this. I am a lone wolf. I go where I want. I love to put experience on my resume. I enjoy working in many different places. I like to fight with anyone and everywhere.

We have seen this since I left WWE. I have been to AAA, MLW, AEW and New Japan. My independence is very important for my mental stability. I've never liked being stuck in one environment, especially if I don't have control over it.

I have a deal with AEW and I also have a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling. I am also doing my own stuff at home, I am quite free and it is just fantastic." Lio Rush was one of the many Superstars who was released by WWE in April.

In a recent tweet, he has expressed frustration with WWE using the entire Drake Maverick release as a storyline. "Man... Are they going to hire everyone back then? Kind of a slap in the face to use this as a shoot work. But I guess I'm not surprised. Super happy for anyone getting their job back. But damn, real trauma and a lot of others were a part of this."