Kofi Kingston talks about Royal Rumble

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Kofi Kingston talks about Royal Rumble
Kofi Kingston talks about Royal Rumble (Provided by Wrestling World)

WWE surprised several fans when it announced Mickie James for the Women's Royal Rumble as the current Women's Impact Wrestling Champion. Several federations participate in the idea that some athletes under contract with one company can go to fight in another federation.

Impact Wrestling, AEW, ROH, GCW and NJPW are some of those that give this possibility. However, the appearance of Mickie James will be, in this sense, the first attempt by the WWE. Kofi Kingston also spoke on this speech, on Rick Ucchino's podcast “Pro Wrestling”.

On Mickie James' participation in the Royal Rumble and his presentation on a WWE show, Kofi Kingston said: "I'll be honest, I was really surprised at the positively by WWE, when I saw the Mickie James presentation. As a company, WWE has never really opened up to such a possibility.

There are other federations that give this chance to the athletes, and it's really fantastic. I love this."

Kofi Kingston reflects on Royal Rumble

About Mickie James: "I was happy when I heard the news and I think a lot of the fans were happy too.

What other doors will WWE open now and to whom? Who else will come to us? Now I really have my eyes on the Royal Rumble because I think we have done a great job of bringing back the people from the past who have been here.

This is one of the best things about the Royal Rumble. One of the main stimuli that bring this great event. It makes you feel new because you really have no idea what can happen and who can come. It can be literally anyone, from anywhere, and it can come at any time.

I am always enthusiastic about the Royal Rumble "On the repeated matches against the Usos, finally, Kofi concluded: "Honestly, I have never heard so many people complain about having seen a great match. For example, you go out there and moan saying, “Oh, do I have to watch another great match one more time ?.

I do not think so. Every match we have had with Usos, we are proud to have always made it better than the previous one. I don't mean to compare myself to the Dudleys, the Hardys, and Edge and Christian but they tried every time to surpass the previous one, as did us." During a recent interview on Rick Ucchino's Pro-Wrestling podcast, Kofi Kingston stated that he wasn't surprised by some of Big E's remarks.

He added that his former stablemate said what he felt was honest. “I thought he did great," said Kingston. "We’re always the biggest critics of ourselves. We've always taken pride in holding ourselves to the highest standard (...) Myself, Woods and E (...) I wasn't surprised to see some of the things that he had said about the way things went. He gave what he felt was an honest look at his time”.

Kofi Kingston Royal Rumble