Smackdown: Lita is finally back

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Smackdown: Lita is finally back

One of the most beloved characters of the WWE female world of the past years, is undoubtedly Lita, former world champion of the WWE, who in the past has had important relationships with some colleagues, such as Edge and Matt Hardy.

Furthermore, the McMahon Hall of Famer managed by mutual agreement with their ex-boyfriends and with the management of the federation to create very interesting storylines on the WWE rings, with the love storyline between Lita, Edge and Kane or between her, Edge and Matt Hardy, who are still remembered almost 20 years after their broadcast on Monday Night Raw and in the various ppvs of the company of those years.

This Friday, exactly 20 years after the last time, Lita returned to appear on the Friday Night Smackdown TV screens, after the company had confirmed her participation in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble, along with several other former colleagues who were missing.

appeal for a while now, like Mickie James, Kelly Kelly or the Bella Twins. But what did Lita do tonight with Friday Night Smackdown?

Lita returned

During the segment that saw her protagonist, Lita wanted to go directly face to face with Smackdown's biggest piece, the blue roster champion, Charlotte Flair, who obviously had to "mark the territory" after seeing the return of the legendary WWE athlete of the 90s - early 2000s, going to annoy her in her magical moment with WWE Universe fans.

During her solo promo in the ring, Lita confirmed that she could make one last run from Rumble, winning the match against 29 other colleagues and going on to win the Smackdown maximum title at Wrestlemania, with Flair intervening in this precise instant, comparing Lita's last run with that of friend-enemy Trish Stratus, forced to retire after her match against Charlotte a few years ago, according to the Nature Boy's daughter.

In response, Lita wanted to finish the confrontation in words, passing to her hands and hitting the Smackdown champion with her legendary Twist of Fate, silencing her once and for all. This week's episode, which wasn't particularly star-studded, had a great moment when WWE Hall of Famer, Lita, returned and was confronted by SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.

The former Women's Champion returned to SmackDown for the first time in 20 years and was being interviewed by Michael Cole who asked about the motive behind her return for the Rumble. Lita stated that she believes she has one last run left in her.