Smackdown: Ricochet and Sheamus competed

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Smackdown: Ricochet and Sheamus competed

Backstage Natalya holds the Guinness World Records book and, interviewed by Megan Morant, reminds us of her various records. With the emphasis on her being the most successful woman ever, she promises that she will have the upper hand on this Friday, too.

- Aaliyah vs Natalya. The match does not even begin, because Nattie immediately starts very aggressive before the bell rings. She kicks and punches the rookie, who is then thrown violently against the ropes. Ricochet and Sheamus competed in a one-on-one contest on WWE SmackDown.

The latter broke Ridge Holland's nose at WWE Day 1, and The Irishman was looking to exact revenge.

Ricochet and Sheamus competed

Sheamus used his strength to punish Ricochet early, keeping him grounded. However, the latter hit a beautiful sunset flip powerbomb that almost secured the win.

The former WWE Champion fought back, pinning Ricochet off with a thunderous Brogue Kick. The referee stops everything and declares that Aaliyah cannot fight, but the girl's protests are heard and the speaker changes her mind: the match can start.

Ringing the bell ... AALIYAH ROLLUP! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! VITTORIA LAMPO! Nattie is desperate as we learn that the new SmackDown fighter has just entered the record book for the fastest ever win in WWE history. What? Nattie lost in 3.17 seconds and is desperate, but basically even being '' The fastest defeat in history '' is a record, isn't it? You might often see in advertisements where WWE gives out the message convincing fans not to try the moves at home, school, or anywhere.

But to be fair, if you love wrestling and if you are in a fight, you just can’t control yourself. Similarly, the person was involved in a street fight when he made the move. He hit his opponent with the White Noise, a move that WWE superstar Sheamus uses during his matches.

Though Sheamus has been impressive inside the ring this year, injuries have been a major issue for him. Earlier this year, Sheamus’s nose got busted open following a forearm strike from Humberto Carrillo during their singles match on Monday Night Raw.

On the 27th September episode of Monday Night Raw, Sheamus challenged Damian Priest in a No Disqualifications, No Count-outs Match for the United States Championship. But unfortunately for Sheamus, he lost. It's unfortunate to see Ricochet in such a spot on the roster.