Smackdown: Charlotte Flair acts like the Queen

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Smackdown: Charlotte Flair acts like the Queen

LITA IS BACK! Michael Cole steps into the ring and introduces us to one of the most loving Hall Of Famers ever. Lita remembers her rivalry with her current best friend Trish Stratus and having many firsts in the women's wrestling world, but she misses a Royal Rumble victory and Wrestlemania main event.

Lita was soon interrupted by the blue band's Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair. The Queen reminded her that she beat her friend Trish Stratus at SummerSlam 2019 and effectively retired her. Lita threw a "giant head" jab that was quickly picked up by the fans, who turned it into a chant.

She faked a slap before hitting Flair with the Twist of Fate to end the segment.

New details on Charlotte Flair

SPEAKS CHARLOTTE FLAIR! Flair begins to belittle the ex-girlfriend of the Xtreme team and remembers that in the event of Charlotte herself winning, she will decide her challenger.

Maybe he will decide to humiliate Lita, as he did with Trish Stratus in the past? Lita starts with a slap and Charlotte covers herself, making a decent figure, then ... TWIST OF FATE! TWIST OF FATE DI LITA! The champion is KO and crawls in pain in the ring, while the HOF goes away satisfied and makes us dream.

As always. backstage, Sheamus, on the microphone of Megan Morant, is very nervous and angry with Ricochet, guilty of having broken the nose of his friend Ridge Holland. - Short spot dedicated to NXT and in particular to the ''Godmother'' Elektra Lopez.

Today you showed me Natalya, Aaliyah, Lita and Elektra. It is already my favorite episode of the year. Nikki said, “Brie, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to win. I’ve an unfinished business with Charlotte.

So, why wouldn’t I want to go back there? And I never had a business with Becky and I would love it. And then there’s the tag titles because I would kind of like to be the first-ever winner of the Royal Rumble to kind of give the middle finger to both champions”.