Smackdown: Seth Rollins provokes Roman Reigns

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Smackdown: Seth Rollins provokes Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns reaches the ring! I realize only at this moment that Moss has just won what was actually the main event of the evening, as only the final confrontation is missing. Seth Rollins also reaches the square. Seth offers his punch to go back to the days of the Shield and repeatedly tries to remember the past, but Roman continually refuses and says that he is now the Chieftain and the greatest athlete of this generation.

At the end of the night, Seth Rollins came out on WWE SmackDown to target his opponent for WWE Royal Rumble. After Roman Reigns walked out to the middle, he reminded him of the one-sided record between them in a title match.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins confirms everything but asks him what he is doing for himself, saying that he created it and he will destroy it. Roman Reigns does not take it very well and calls his rival a clown, saying he has his own star power but is not a megastar, because if he wanted to face a megastar he would ask for a match against his wife Becky Lynch.

USOS ATTACK SETH BEHIND! The Messiah, however, realizes it in time and avoids, then goes out of the square and does some flips without touching the opponents, Reggie style when he had the 24/7 Title. Jimmy practically crashes alone against the stake and with the face to face between champion and first challenger ends this episode of the blue show.

Rollins fired up the promo by stating that he created Reigns and would destroy him for the Universal Championship. The Head of the Table replied that if he was looking for a megastar from RAW, he would have chosen Rollins’ wife, Becky Lynch.

The Usos tried to ambush Rollins, but The Visionary escaped to the ramp to end the segment. It was evident that Rollins had gotten under Reigns’ skin by the end of his promo. Now that Roman Reigns is back, the same fans complain that they’re forcing him in again.

This is similar to the story of Charlotte Flair and John Cena. Heel Roman is the best version of him yet. Seeing this form of him, there’s no doubt that the ring is his yard. Fans have wanted a total do-over of Roman’s ring character and they seem to have gotten exactly what they wanted. The presence of Roman Reigns managed to boost ratings for Payback immensely.