Jeff Hardy's return to the ring announced

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Jeff Hardy's return to the ring announced
Jeff Hardy's return to the ring announced (Provided by Wrestling World)

One of the most shocking and surprising news of recent months has been the release, a bit like a bolt from the blue, of Jeff Hardy, the former legendary athlete of the WWE, who for years trod the Stamford-based company square along with the older brother Matt, with whom he has won dozens of couple titles around the world.

After stepping into a truly dark tunnel in his life over the past few years, it seemed like Jeff had been out of it for months now, with the stories about his arrests, the drunk guides, the alcohol and drugs, which seemed to be.

were now a distant memory. After the latest problems encountered by the WWE and by the athlete himself in some house shows of the company, the McMahons would have offered help to the athlete, who would have refused to accept it, however, leading the company to fire him in the trunk, it is not known precisely with what motivation though.

If for many Jeff is back on bad roads, for many other insiders the athlete would have been clean for years now, with the wrestler not touching any substance for a long time and would therefore have been fired from WWE for other reasons.

New details on Jeff Hardy

Pending the expiration of his 90-day non-compete clause with WWE, Jeff Hardy has however let his fans know where he will return to have fan meetings after yet another WWE release, with the Charismatic Enigma returning to do so.

obviously team with his older brother Matt, in a couple match with live fans that will see the Hardy Boyz reunion much sought after by fans and by the wrestlers themselves. The two will in fact appear in the Pandora's Box convention, with a meet & greet which is the first of the two after the release of both from the McMahon-owned company.

This match will be staged on March 13 and the athlete still had to wait for the end of his clause with the WWE, in order not to run into problems with the McMahons. Now we just have to understand where Jeff Hardy will return to fight, after his dismissal from WWE, if alongside his brother Matt in AEW or if in other companies, such as IMPACT Wrestling or other important world realities.

Jeff Hardy is fortunately in a good place after WWE released him, which has fuelled speculation over his wrestling future. Matt Hardy has teased a reunion with his brother, speaking about how he was the architect behind The Hardy Boyz in another 'Matt Fact' video before Jeff made a cameo.

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