Why does Mustafa Ali want to leave WWE?

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Why does Mustafa Ali want to leave WWE?

It was recently reported that WWE wrestler Mustafa Ali communicated to the world through a post on social media that he had requested the release of the company: "I have a much more important message than my dreams in pro wrestling.

my best efforts, I will not be able to deliver this message as long as I am working with WWE. For this, I am applying to be released from WWE." The wrestler has been absent from the October 29 episode of SmackDown, when he lost to Drew McIntyre for the occasion.

Initially, it was thought that he had asked for permission to spend time with his family, given the birth of his third daughter, but in reality, it seems not to be the case, with the man who would only have asked for a break show to assist his wife in giving birth.

What's next for Mustafa Ali?

In November, Mustafa Ali was preparing for a new change in his character at Smackdown that would be based on him introducing the concept of "New America", with some seeds already being planted right after his match with McIntyre.

The idea was then rejected, even though Ali had decided to post on Twitter a video he had shot where he almost introduced himself as a new president of the United States, writing: “A few weeks ago, I made a statement that some considered controversial.

My intentions were to bring a beautiful vision to life. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, I won't be able to make that vision a reality. [...]" According to Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, WWE initially accepted the idea and then rejected it, with Vince McMahon proposing another storyline to the wrestler who turned down because "it's something Mustafa Ali would never have done."

This would then have infuriated McMahon, the two would have argued and the WWE from that moment would have decided not to do anything more with Mustafa Ali, who now wants to leave, unhappy. His main roster career started well as he appeared in matches against Daniel Bryan.

However, Ali's run was filled with stop-start moments and near misses. From an ill-timed injury leading to KofiMania to the failure of RETRIBUTION as a group, Ali has been tremendously unlucky during his time in the company.

His last match came on the October 29th episode of SmackDown, where he lost to Drew McIntyre. Ali arrived in WWE as part of the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016 and became part of the 205 Live roster as an energetic babyface.