AJ Francis reveals his regrets

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AJ Francis reveals his regrets

AJ Francis, better known as Top Dolla in the Hit Row stable, recently appeared on Ringsiders Wrestling talking about the changes that have affected NXT in recent times, which he has practically experienced very little, first for the passage of the stable to SmackDown, then for his dismissal.

WWE, in fact, modified the show with the creation of NXT 2.0, proposing a new look and a lot of young fighters who are learning and growing, bringing NXT back to its origins as a development territory. Despite these fairly drastic changes, which have divided audiences, AJ Francis admitted that he loves NXT 2.0 because it gives space to the characters and appreciates the kind of combat it offers.

AJ Francis' opinion

"I love NXT 2.0 because people think that since the older version of NXT was very much about wrestling, there are more things you can see if that's what gets you connected to watch it [the show ed].

more than enough, okay They had great matches right? If that's what you're in it for, then there's more than enough of it. But NXT 2.0 is very character-based. This is the wrestling I grew up with, which I love. Some of the more ridiculous characters where our favorite characters, like The Godfather.

Pretending I don't like it would be false." While AJ Francis is clearly a fan of this new version of Triple H's creature, he doesn't deny understanding why some fans struggle to be as positive about the product as he is.

“Now, I can understand why someone who loved the old version of NXT for what it was, like the wrestling show, wouldn't like NXT 2.0. Because that's not the case anymore,” AJ Francis pointed out. "But if you don't bite into an apple expecting to bite into an orange, you're not surprised when it's an apple."

AJ Francis recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about his former days in the NFL to his time in WWE NXT. As WWE's Most Wanted Treasures came up, Francis was quick to point out that the show isn't scripted as everyone thinks.

“This show isn’t scripted, it’s entertaining,” Francis said. “Kicking it with Undertaker and Kane, I’m like a kid in a candy shop. I’m a mega-fan, I can relate to the fans, and that’s why I’m here.

I’m not playing a character. That’s me." One of AJ Francis' favorite parts of the show is visiting the homes of die-hard collectors within the WWE Universe.