Rhyno explains his farewell to WWE

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Rhyno explains his farewell to WWE

One of the most famous faces of Paul Hyman's ECW, who also became an excellent WWE mid-carder in the early 2000s, was undoubtedly Rhyno, who became very famous for his Spear, called Gore and became his trademark for years, too.

on the rings of TNA and the various independent companies where the athlete then worked away from WWE. In recent years, Rhyno had returned to work in the rings of the McMahon family, even winning a couple's title in Friday Night Smackdown, on his debut in the belts, in 2016, with the former ECW who managed to win them with Heath Slater.

Apparently, however, a few years after his titled victory, Rhyno's said to have decided of his own free will to leave WWE, despite the agreement that bound him to the company was his best agreement ever signed with the McMahons, with the athlete.

who wanted to tell everything in his last interview.

Rhyno on his farewell to WWE

In his last speech on Talk 'N Shop, Rhyno wanted to tell: "They offered me the biggest contract they've ever offered me. This was in 2019.

The thing was, I didn't like anything I was doing, so I said I'm better than this or better than that. They had a lot of guys under contract at the time. Heath and I were only on the road in house shows, on the loop for months and I loved being on the road.

I appreciated it. I loved hanging out with the boys. I like to work. I would have been resting a little longer at home, making money, but also just going on TV. I was becoming miserable. I wasn't starting to hate the wrestling business, I was just starting to hate life.

I spoke to Scott D'Amore when I was able to do so. He said to me 'We love you, but we have a budget. It's pretty tight, but you can still go out and work with indies. 'I've always liked the indies scenario. I like to find new talents and help them grow.

I like being on the road knowing I can drive." Professional wrestling industry veteran Rhyno -- whose real name is Terrance Guido Gerin -- was 'fired' from WWE's red brand on the December 3rd, 2018 episode of WWE RAW.

Following his kayfabe firing from the WWE's RAW brand, the pro-wrestling community was set abuzz with rumors indicating that the WWE Universe may have seen the last of this veteran Superstar in the company. The Rhyno retirement speech, or rather should I say the aforementioned speech in which he clarified the fact that he isn't retired, in turn, led to speculation that he could potentially continue working for the WWE.