WWE is preparing a huge match for WALTER

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WWE is preparing a huge match for WALTER

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the former historic NXT UK Champion, WALTER, who after his stratospheric reign of over 800 days as the absolute champion of the British brand, with the title lost against Ilja Dragunov, had been approached by professionals first to NXT 2.0 and then even to the main roster of the Stamford company.

Until a few years ago, it was practically impossible to see WALTER move to the USA permanently, with the Austrian talent who did not want to leave his family and especially his wife, who obviously lives in Europe. In recent months, however, the relationship with the woman would have collapsed in the worst way, leading the two to divorce, with WALTER who has been repeatedly spotted with his colleague Jinny, from NXT, with the two who have shared photos of the two of them together, confirming their new relationship even in the eyes of WWE Universe fans.

At the moment, it was not yet known where WALTER would go to work in the near future, having also disappeared a bit from the WWE television screens, with the athlete who has recently been included in an angle by the company of Stamford, which makes it clear what it will be the next chapter of the athlete, or at NXT USA.

Backstage news on WALTER

With an exclusive video released on all WWE social channels, we see how WALTER goes to attack in a violent and completely free way the manager of the Diamond Mine, Malcolm Bivens, with his protege, Roderick Strong, who is obviously coming to his rescue, threatening WALTER and telling him not to be in the least afraid of him, with the two glaring at each other for a few seconds, making it clear how soon they will clash in the ring, for the happiness and contentment of the fans of the WWE Universe.

It is therefore very probable if not certain that the future of WALTER is now with the most important part of NXT, namely that of the USA, with the former NXT UK Champion who will then move permanently to the United States, and then maybe switch later also in the main roster, thought that the top executives of WWE had already had a few years ago.

He defeated Dunne at NXT TakeOver: New York to become the new NXT UK Champion and held the title for a record 870 days. He eventually lost the belt to Ilja Dragunov. WALTER had previously refused to move to the United States, mainly because he wanted to stay with his wife.