Latest update on Charlotte Flair's future

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Latest update on Charlotte Flair's future

We've seen something extraordinary lately in WWE, which is the opening of the forbidden door when the company announced that current Knockouts Champion Mickie James will be in this year's Women's Royal Rumble. Rightly it was also possible to notice, given that she herself told us clearly in the episode, that Charlotte Flair, who is now the champion of SmackDown, will also be present among the participants during the fight, and told us that when (if) will win, she will choose her challenger for Wrestlemania.

In fact, the fact that one of the champions is in the Rumble in particular, but not too strange, if we go and see for example the participation of Brock Lesnar in that of 2020, then eliminated by Drew McIntyre who won the match by going to challenge him at Wrestlemania.

New details on Charlotte Flair

In his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about the fact that currently in WWE there are practically no opponents to turn against one of the best athletes in the business, Charlotte Flair, so he wanted to make an interesting proposition.

"Of all the women in the world in the industry, Charlotte Flair ranks right up there with the best of them. She really does. So to put someone in the ring here, you have to have someone in the ring who is credible, maybe that's where the forbidden door is.

opens. If Charlotte Flair were to step into the ring, if that 'forbidden door' were open to one of these Japanese stars, (if they were) she would only show up at the Rumble to challenge Charlotte Flair. To me, that's worth money." And he also added, speaking of the benefit of opening this much-discussed forbidden door: "I think that's where we need to go in the future to get our talents into the company where we want them to be.

They need more talent to work." Japanese women's wrestling, better known as Joshi, has really taken off in 2021, with many athletes, such as those of Stardom, who are also conquering several rankings in magazines and gaining popularity among wrestling fans.

It cannot be denied that Joshi has an important talent, just see Asuka or Io Shirai, better known to the world public, or Syuri and Utami, two current Stardom fighters. It came as a surprise to many fans when WWE announced that Flair would be a part of the Rumble match.

The addition of The Queen to the match could possibly be to set up a new rivalry, perhaps her WrestleMania opponent as well. Flair was recently in the ring with Hall of Famer Lita, who made an appearance on SmackDown. She was attacked by Lita after the SmackDown Women's Champion interrupted the WWE legend.