Does WWE no longer believe in Finn Balor?

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Does WWE no longer believe in Finn Balor?

One of the last talents who seemed to have a bright future in the main roster rings, after an initial great stint at NXT, was certainly Finn Balor, former overall champion of the WWE third roster, who had also managed to win the first Universal title at the debut of the championship in that of the Stamford-based federation.

After having to abandon the belt only the day after winning it, a somewhat subdued period began for Finn Balor on the main roster, with the federation preferring to send him back to NXT, where he won yet another overall title on the roster, except then return to the rings of the main roster, after a few months, with the WWE never again pushing him towards the top floors of the cards of the various events.

Apparently, in recent months, even Vince McMahon's said to have given up in the push of his first Universal Champion, with the character of Finn Balor who is now used almost only to send over new talents, as he is currently doing with Austin Theory, with the boy who is joined by the same Chairman every week, who is therefore growing on the shoulders of the most experienced colleague.

Backstage news on Finn Balor

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site WrestlingNews, it would seem that the WWE Chairman no longer wants to push Finn Balor towards the top floors of the federation, using him as the many athletes and the many legends who have now arrived towards the end of his own careers, making them act as "mother hen" to young talents on the launch pad.

In fact, in one of the latest site updates, it is reported that: "Yes, Finn Balor has been moved to where Jeff Hardy had. Now it is only there that he helps to raise young talents. There was an idea about making it a heel weeks ago, but we haven't heard anything about those plans since.

Vince has never seen Finn more than a mid-carding guy. Heyman would have liked to push him in an important way to the moon but Vince is never interested. Austin (Theory) will definitely show off in the Rumble match. The latest news we heard about him was that he will surely remain among the last 4 or 5 wrestlers in the ring at the end of the match." This report may come as a major disappointment to fans of Finn Balor, who seemed to have a WWE rebirth after his successful run in NXT from 2019 to 2021.

But upon his return to the main roster, he quickly lost two Universal Championship matches to Roman Reigns.