Raw: Uncomfortable situation for The Miz

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Raw: Uncomfortable situation for The Miz

Who is there now? Just him, Vince McMahon. Austin Theory arrives in his office and the Chairman states that he must beat Finn Balor in a match. Finn Balor vs Austin Theory It hurts my heart to write this but unfortunately, Finn Balor loses to Austin Theory in a match with no particular actions to report, other than Theory's attack on Balor after the match.

After the two promos of Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley during the first part of the episode, it is time for a 1 vs 1 match between the two. Nikki A.S.H. vs Rhea Ripley Before starting, Queen Zelina and Carmella arrive who claim to have always been right about the now ex-couple.

The Miz vs. Edge started on RAW late last year and led to a match at WWE Day 1 where the Hall of Famer picked up the win thanks to Beth Phoenix's assistance. A mixed tag team match for the Royal Rumble has been made official.

The Miz is in trouble

Maryse looked bad last week when she walked away from The Miz hyping her up. This week, it was justified as Maryse having to take a phone call at the time. However, the 38-year-old called for a face-to-face, one-on-one confrontation with Beth Pheonix this week.

After the words of the Women’s Tag Team Champion, Nikki A.S.H. attacks Ripley from behind before even starting the match, knocking her out. What a bad ending for Rhea. Finally the match of the evening. I'm kidding, I honestly don't even know why I'm talking about it.

Omos vs Reggie. Needless to write who knows what, guess who wins? Omos. You didn't expect it, huh? On Monday Night Raw, Miz showed off his Hall of Fame Package. The couple got emotional after watching the video. Besides his career, he highlighted his Day 1 pay-per-view match with Rated-R Superstar Edge and mocked him.

Miz claimed that after his win over Edge, he will be marked as one of the greatest in WWE history. Moreover, Edge insulted Miz for his stupid attitude and pride. He said, “You’re so accustomed to people saying that you’re just not good enough, that deep down you start to believe it.

So, you overcompensate and act like an obnoxious jackass. But I believe that you truly are one of the greats, and I’m not taking our match lightly. You claim that I didn’t do enough to help you back when you started in 2006, and maybe you’re right, but I’m going to try and make up for it now.

On Day 1, as great as I think you are, I’m going to teach you that there are still lessons to be learned. And I’m going to knock that constipated look off your face…” said Edge.