Raw: The Street Profits won again

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Raw: The Street Profits won again

Now an interesting thing, or the verbal "confrontation" between Maryse and Beth Phoenix, accompanied by Edge. Miz's partner seeks a solution to not fight against Glamazon at the Rumble but the Hall of Famer says how excited she is at the idea of ​​fighting shoulder to shoulder with her husband.

The Street Profits and The Mysterios teamed up on RAW to take on The Dirty Dawgs, Apollo Crews, and Commander Azeez in a big eight-man tag match. The Phoenix in fact goes into the ring to give a taste of what will happen to the Rumble but, due to a distraction from Miz, she is hit from behind by Maryse with her handbag, containing a nice brick.

8 Man Tag Team Match: The Street Profits & The Mysterios vs The Dirty Dogs, Apollo Crews & Commander Aziz An 8 Man tag team match. In fact, the best thing about the match is Montez Ford's Frog Splash, which every time reaches the sky and then falls on the opponent, a lot of stuff really.

The Street Profits and The Mysterios teamed up

Crews and Azeez have fallen off the card, but the creative team could look to give them a meaningful feud soon. Meanwhile, The Street Profits could prove to be great future opponents for Alpha Academy and their tag team titles.

After the match, the Mysterios "eliminate" Street Profit from the third-string and finally Rey also throws out his son Dominik, making him understand to be careful and not to trust anyone, not even his father. (What a bad life lesson mamma mia) Is a possible split coming? Maybe.

Before the Raw Main Event, a really, really very interesting promotional video about the lives and careers of Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, a match that I have been waiting for, like so many others, for many years. I can't wait for this match to come!

Oh yeah, I forgot about another segment, namely Alexa Bliss at the therapist. WWE, give me normal Alexa Bliss back please, thank you. Dolph and Roode walked down to the ring and cut a promo full of mockery. Roode announced that he and Ziggler were coming after the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

The Street Profits walked out to confront Ziggler and Roode and cracked a couple of jokes at their expense. The champions would have to eat coal, as they could not back their trash talk with a strong performance. Roode and Ziggler had the champions shook and made them reach down deep in an attempt to put away their feisty challengers.