WWE is interested in an indie superstar

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WWE is interested in an indie superstar

WWE has been looking for new and young talent to replace more than eighty wrestlers who have been fired from the company in the past year. In fact, recently announced a new NIL university program to try to create new talents that come out of the various universities, including for example Gable Steveson.

This program is for the creation of future stars who will one day be the protagonists of events as big as Wrestlemania. Recently in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, the company organized one of its usual tryouts and among the faces already known by wrestling fans, that of Rok-C, former Ring of Honor champion and young promise of the discipline.

WWE is looking around

Our colleagues from Fightful Select have made it known through an article on their website, that someone within the company is pushing hard to have Rok-C on the WWE roster, making them sign a contract as soon as possible, even the thing would go on even from before the December tryout, which was so big that the Performance Center students had a few days off to make room for those who had to test themselves.

Going back to our 20-year-old wrestler, apparently, she did so well that she got the company even more interested in her and her performance, therefore, increasing her chances of signing a deal with WWE. A Performance Center source also said that the match between Rok-C and Deonna Purrazzo at IMPACT, where the girl lost her ROH title, is a testament to her talent and why she should be in a company she's also aiming for.

a lot on young people, as you can see with NXT 2.0, which would be the perfect home for Rok-C at this time when ROH has temporarily closed its doors and she has to turn various companies as a free agent. It would certainly be a shame for her to let it slip, with the risk that another company, such as the aforementioned IMPACT, could sign her and deprive WWE of a girl who is really good in the ring.

The Freak struggled on the main roster as he competed in only three matches on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown. He also competed in a fourth match at the 2019 Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia. Sullivan's last bout came on October 23, 2020, when he defeated Shorty G on SmackDown.

In January 2021, WWE quietly released Sullivan from his contract. After his release, The Freak decided to leave the whole wrestling business.