Killer Kross Speaks About His Future In Wrestling

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Killer Kross Speaks About His Future In Wrestling

Killer Kross is a former NXT Champion and he spoke about his future in the world of professional wrestling as he was released by the WWE a while back. He spoke about this on the Busted Open Radio. He first spoke about not getting to perform his entrance on WrestleMania and seeing Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania live was hard.

Killer Kross Talks About How He Will Return To Professional Wrestling

“It’s disappointing. I’ll tell you, we went to WrestleMania, and we watched live Scarlett and I, and Raquel and Xyon Quinn, and a bunch of people.

We were watching Bray come down the ramp in his entrance. We were looking at the whole place with everybody there. For us, that was a spiritual experience. Because we’re deprived of people, we were coming out of a very difficult time in human history.

“So to see everyone there unified at a WWE event, WrestleMania, to see Bray coming down, we see the whole mood of the place change. We both looked at each other, and we both were so positive. I said it to her, ‘I bet that we could be here next year.’ It was a feeling, we were like, ‘we can hang with this, we can do this, we can maestro this audience.’ We were so positive we were going to be there.

Then for this to happen, it’s brutal, there are no bones about it, it’s brutal”. Killer Kross spoke about what fans expect from him when he makes his character come back in the future. He believes that he will take certain elements from his WWE character when he returns to wrestling professionally.

“In terms of the next presentation of what we want to do, I believe, in a positive way and a constructive way and a way that works and a way that people want to see, continuing to expand on what they’ve seen. I feel like that’s the most intelligent way to go about this,” he admitted.

“Because WWE is known for having a very unique ability to present certain types of people. Certain ways that performers are produced in WWE, depending on how they’re produced, might not be able to be produced everywhere.

So I wouldn’t necessarily want to recreate the exact same thing. But, there are definitely tangible elements that we can take anywhere, no matter how we are being produced”.