Kurt Angle Speaks About Taking a Bad Stink Face

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Kurt Angle Speaks About Taking a Bad Stink Face

Kurt Angle is one of the most famous WWE Hall of Famers of all time. He stated during a recent episode of his podcast about taking a very disgusting stink face from Rikishi once in his life. According to Kurt Angle. Rikishi deliberately didn’t wipe after taking a poop.

“One time he gave me the stink face and the bastard took a poop during the day and he didn’t wipe his ass,” Angle said. “He buried his butt right in my face and it stunk so badly and he told me afterwards what he did.

I mean, I wanted to kill him but man, he’s such a big ass dude and he’s a badass and he’s Samoan, I’m not going to mess with him. There was nothing I could do”.

Kurt angle Speaks About Rikishi Deliberately Giving Him a Bad Stink Face

Kurt then spoke about the nWo and how the locker room was with them during the early 2000s.

According to Kurt, everyone knew that Hulk Hogan had a lot of power backstage in WCW. That is the reason why, once Kurt asked Vince McMahon to accompany him during a meeting that he needed to have with Hulk Hogan. This was to ensure that the match finishes the way it was decided.

“I didn’t have a problem with them, I don’t think anybody had a problem with them,” Kurt Angle mentioned. “There was one time where Vince was really concerned because I had to make Hogan tap out at King of the Ring in 2002 and he wanted to make sure, he told me that Hulk Hogan would talk him out of it so he wanted me to be in the room with Hulk Hogan when he told Hulk that he was going to tap out to me.

I was really nervous, it’s Hulk Hogan, the biggest name in the business, in the history of the business, and here I’m going to make him tap out for the first time in his career and Vince wants me there to make sure he abides by it.

It just blew my mind, I was nervous and scared and I was inexperienced. I didn’t know what to think or expect and here Vince wanted me to be there just to ensure Hulk Hogan didn’t talk him out of it. There were times where Hogan might have been political in the past, but he wasn’t at this point in time”.