New details on Triple H's current status

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New details on Triple H's current status

One of the most important characters of the last two decades of WWE is certainly its current COO: Triple H. After marrying the daughter of Chairman Vince McMahon, Stephanie, the Triple took over the reins of the company together to the father-in-law and his wife, until very recently taking care of managing the NXT brand entirely, with all his trusted staff who in the last period, however, have been torpedoed in all respects by the management, with important names that have been released, such as Samoa Joe, Road Dogg and William Regal.

In addition to being a very important executive, currently out of the backstage for important health problems, Hunter was also one of the symbolic faces of the WWE Attitude Era, as well as of the Ruthless Aggression of Monday Night Raw, with his contribution to the Evolution that is was instrumental in building equally important characters such as Batista and Randy Orton.

Latest update on Triple H

In his last speech on the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, broadcast by the well-known Hollywood actor, Freddie Prinze Jr, also seen in several episodes of Raw and the company, also with the role of special General Manager for one evening, the well-known actor wanted to speak extensively about the Triple H's career, saying: "The other guys would surely have jumped at the chance.

Triple H could have worn the crown but Triple H had no plans to do Raw's first hour segments when he was still family-friendly. He wanted to be in the last hour of Smackdown or Raw and do his DX stuff, grown-up stuff - the things that knocked him over, the things that when you do them once define your character forever.

So, he could have worn the crown, Vince McMahon would have gladly given it to him, but he chose not to. John Cena, on the other hand, made all of himself available." When Bryan initially made his jump to the main roster, he and The King of Kings didn't cross paths because of the rookie tag that was attached to the former WWE Superstar's name.

However, as time passed Bryan went on to become a prominent superstar. Soon enough, he was in the WWE Championship picture against Randy Orton. At the time, Orton was one-third of Evolution. The Game tried everything to pull Bryan away from Orton's title.

He even fought Bryan at WrestleMania one-on-one, hoping to keep him out of the WWE Title match later in the night. Despite using every dirty trick, he failed.