WALTER's trademark abandoned

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WALTER's trademark abandoned

In the latest episode of NXT 2.0, the former WALTER announced that from now on he will be called Gunther, a name that WWE has also included in its profile on its official website, putting this change into practice. Recently, we also explained to you that this name derives from the registration of a trademark by the WWE, which took place on January 13, with the company that had registered "Gunther Stark", it was also the name of a U-Boat commander who served in the World War II in the Kriegsmarine, the navy of Nazi Germany Kapitänleutnant Stark died at the age of 27 on June 8, 1944, while at war in the English Channel.

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It seems that everyone has an opinion regarding WALTER's new name, including former NXT and Universal Champion Finn Balor. After the NXT star's match against Roderick Strong on Tuesday night he took the mic and announced himself as the winner under his new name "GUNTHER".

According to reporters from Fightful, the McMahon company has already withdrawn this registration: “WWE filed the "Gunther Stark "trademark on January 13, but abandoned the filing on January 19. Following the news of the deposit, many fans pointed out that "Gunther Stark" was the name of a Nazi commander.

It was not known how and for whom WWE intended to use the trademark at the time of filing." It was in fact hypothesized that it could be assigned to another NXT superstar, namely Zoey Stark, perhaps precisely because of the surname that the wrestler already carries with her since her debut in the development brand.

Instead we now know that it was for WALTER that he will remain alone, fortunately given the origin of the full name, Gunther. WWE has filed and withdrawn the trademark at the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) for general use in the world of pro wrestling and sports entertainment, the same description of use that they often present with brands related to ring names.

"GUNTHER STARK trademark registration is intended to cover entertainment service categories, namely, wrestling performances and professional wrestler and entertainer performances rendered live and through broadcast media, including television and radio, and via the Internet or online commercial service [...]" The status of the trademark is now listed as "DEAD UNKNOWN" after WWE sent in the paperwork for express abandonment on January 19.

The status of the "Gunther Stark" trademark as of January 20 states: Status: Abandoned because the applicant filed an express abandonment.