Does Charlotte Flair have any WWE regrets?

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Does Charlotte Flair have any WWE regrets?

The WWE queen recently gave an interview to M. Skye for TV Source Magazine and talked a little bit obviously about her life in general, but more about her career in the McMahon-owned company. Charlotte Flair in tears, moved, according to what the writer wrote, spoke of her about her journey in wrestling when she was asked what was keeping her going.

She commented on how her life changed and put her on the current path she is on when her brother Reid Flair died at the age of 25 on March 29, 2013. "I am constantly surprised. That's all. Sometimes I drive down the street, and look at my life, and I say, 'how the hell did I get here?' I still hadn't found my purpose or my passion in my twenties.

When my brother died, my life changed and put me on the path to where I am today. If I can go that far, how far can I go?"

Charlotte Flair is a WWE legend

Also during the interview, the current SmackDown champion continued to talk about Reid: "When I won the Divas title, I think that was for him.

Now I just think to myself that he would never believe what I have become. "I'm the most decorated woman in sports-entertainment history, and she's never seen a second of it. This was her dream. Are there things I would do differently? Yes, probably, but no regrets.

I'm here now." They are where I am." Charlotte Flair has often told of how her brother Reider led her on the path of wrestling, because she was not in the least interested, despite being already a sportswoman, in fact as a child she had done artistic gymnastics and then later she had given herself to volleyball, also winning a scholarship of I study for college, which, according to her, is never interested in her.

Reid had urged her to try it together, with WWE not guaranteeing her to take both and in the end Charlotte was obviously chosen and unfortunately Reid, due to drug addiction, lost his life never managing to potentially make one of his own come true.

dream, who has been living inside Charlotte for a few years now and is brought to the wrestling ring by her with his head held high. Speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Flair dismissed the possibility of his daughter going one-on-one with the former IMPACT World Champion: “Never.

I don’t think she [Blanchard] is gonna go to WWE any time soon. Charlotte’s definitely not going to leave WWE. She [Charlotte] gets it, she was so good on Friday night. She was amazing. She gets better every day, literally, which is hard to believe”.